Chiropractors are most associated with the treatment of low back pain to most people and that is because it is so effective.  Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL uses state of the art techniques and equipment to treat a wide variety of causes of low back pain.  By using physical therapy modalities such as electric muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, low level lasers, and traction they can calm down muscle spasms, dercease pain, and restore normal movement in the low back.  They have been trained in over 12 different chiropractic adjusting techniques so they can find the style that is right for each patient.  Many of the techniques include no twisting, turning, or “cracking” and get incredible results in patients of all ages.  Call today if you are suffering from low back pain, sciatica, disc injuries, arthritis pain, or if you stained your back in any other way and talk to one of the doctors personally to see if chiropractic can help you get out of pain and back to living your life.  Our number is 630-236-3090.