It’s finally starting to look like winter outside which means the snow is here again.  With snow comes the cold temperatures, shoveling, and back pain.  The majority of back pain is considered bio mechanical or musculoskeletal.  When back pain strikes the first line of defense you should have is to apply ice and begin stretching.  For low back pain, simple knee to chest stretches are best as well as hamstring stretches.  Ice will help control inflammation in the back and the stretching will help lengthen the muscles of the back and cause them to relax.  Your next step is to keep moving.  Long gone are the days of bed rest for back pain.  It may be sore and hurt but the best thing you can do is keep moving with activities like light walking.  Through the whole process it is good to increase your water intake to help flush your system and keep muscles hydrated.  These simple steps can help alleviate back pain but if the pain persists past 2 days it is a good idea to contact a healthcare professional.  Dr Dolan of Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL specializes in the treatment of those stubborn back pains that just won’t go away.  Call the office today at 630-236-3090 to see if chiropractic can help.