Chiropractic care is important before, during, & after pregnancy.  Due to preexisting conditions, rapid growth of your baby, & a changing posture, many women experience pain & discomfort during pregnancy.  Chiropractic is a safe & effective way to relieve & even prevent common discomforts experienced during pregnancy without the use of drugs.  It also provides the baby with additional comfort by allowing extra room in the pelvic bowl & reducing stress, torsion, & constraint of the uterus which limits the space of the baby & will affect his/her optimal development.  Cramped conditions may also prevent the baby from being able to turn head down in preparation for delivery & can cause health issues for the newborn.  Dr Alorna will work with your pelvis & spine throughout pregnancy to restore a state of balance which allows for an easier &  safer pregnancy & delivery.  To contact Dr Alorna with any questions that you might have call 630-236-3090 or to find out more about how chiropractic can help with pregnancy related issues visit the official website at