Corrective Exercises and Stretching

Every patient that walks in our office is a little bit different, even if they have  the same kind of pain. Drs Alorna and Collin Dolan of Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL have been trained to pick these small differences out. Low back pain is very complex and thus cannot be treated using one simple protocol of stretches and exercises. Chiropractors pay close attention to the musculoskeletal system when looking for the cause of back and neck injuries. After properly assessing the patient’s specific problem areas, certain patterns arise in muscle tone and function. The goal of stretching and corrective exercises is to identify problematic areas and balance them. We do this by strengthening weak areas and stretching tighter ones. Once the normal muscle tone balance is restored, function can return to normal, and pain ceases. When you leave our office you will be instructed on simple stretches and exercises you can do at home to alleviate the pain. Then once you are feeling better further exercises will be recommended to strengthen and stabilize the area to prevent further injury in the future. Some of these will include core stabilization exercises which strengthen the small intrinsic muscles that surround the spine. These are very important to strengthen in cases of disc injuries and disc herniations.

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Place was amazing, such friendly employees. walked in no appointment no nothing and my shoulder was bothering me after a gym session and one of the employees helped me immediately. took me to the back and got my arm right free of charge. amazing place, highly recommend! – Isaiah Williams 5 Stars

I am so happy I found Dr. Collin! I am a hairstylist with job related neck and shoulder issues. Dr. Collin is always able to get me in when I am in need and fix me right up so that I can keep working without pain! Best experience with a chiropractor that I’ve had! – Chris Stine 5 Stars

I had my first visit and treatment with Dr. Collin yesterday and can’t give enough praise. I didn’t feel rushed during my consult and he answered all my questions and listened to exactly what I said and diagnosed exactly what I needed- minor adjustment and stretching, watching posture, etc. The location is super convenient and they have flexible hours that work with my schedule. – Catherine Pantek 5 Stars


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