Spring is right around the corner here in Aurora, IL and with that comes sandal weather.  But are sandals good for your feet?  The majority of the time the answer is no.  Most sandals, especially flip-flops, have no true arch support and can lead to foot and knee pain.  When the medial arch of the foot is not properly supported it begins to fall, or pronate, which puts pressure on the material across the foot.  As the foot flattens it also rotates the lower leg and puts rotational pressure on the knee.  Wearing sandals with poor support can lead to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, shin splints, and knee pain.  Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL carries a line of orthotic sandals that provides the arch support that your foot needs while giving you a comfortable and fashionable alternative to your flip-flops.  They come in many styles and can be viewed at the Foot Levelers website.  If you are interested, call the office at 630-236-3090 and find out how orthotic sandals can help your foot pain.  Orthotics are covered by most insurance with little to no cost to the patient.  Call today to see if you have coverage.