Kinesio Tape

Drs Collin and Alorna Dolan have been trained to use the new modern athletic taping technique called Kinesio Taping. This is the same colorful strips of tape you see on all the professional athletes and the style of tape that was featured in the Beijing Olympics when US volleyball players incorporated it into their treatment. It is recommended by practitioners around the sports world because of its added support while still allowing the joint to function in a sporting event without holding the athlete back. Kinesio Tape offers some of the same support of traditional athletic support with some more advanced features.

The four primary effects of its use include:

  • It works to correct muscle function. It is effective for reconditioning abnormal muscle tension and strengthening the weakened muscle.
  • It has been shown to improve circulation of both blood and lymphatic supplies. The tape will eliminate the swelling and inflammation in the affected tissue and help to reduce further bleeding beneath the skin by moving the muscle. We have applied this tape to severely bruised areas to find that when removed, the bruising in the area of the tape has disappeared.
  • It works to relieve pain. Applying the tape to injured areas causes neurological suppression of pain.
  • Finally, it helps reposition the joint in the correct position. Taping can correct minor dislocations due to abnormal muscle tension, restoring normal fascia and muscle function.

Hear from some of our satisfied clients!

I have been seeing both Dr Collin and Dr Alorna for about two years. They are both very thorough, friendly and accommodating. I have found the general atmosphere to be welcoming and I don’t feel that products or treatments are being forced on me, unlike other offices I’ve been to in the area. – D Smith 5 Stars

Very well recommend and staff was very polite. Came in with a stiff neck and back and left completely better than before. I will be going again! Thank you to the Dolan Family!– Armando Leon 5 Stars

Excellent chiropractor. Made my back and neck feel 10 years younger. Very pleasant experience. – Martin O 5 Stars

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