Prenatal Comfort Techniques

Dr Alorna Dolan of Dolan Family Chiropractic is a chiropractor that specializes in the treatment of pregnancy pain and is considered to be an expert in her field in the Chicagoland area.  She is fully certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association in the treatment of pediatrics and pregnancy related issues after completed an additional 2 year post doctoral program.  She began practicing in a pediatrics and pregnancy based office in the Northwest Suburbs and taught classes in pregnancy relaxation techniques at the local hospital there before working at Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL where she contines to teach pregnancy courses at Copley Hospital.  She works with some of the top pediatricains, obstetricians, midwives, and doulas in the area and practices full time in her Aurora, IL office.  During your pregnancy, we want to make you as comfortable as possible!  The following are some stretches and positions that will help…..

1.  Manual Sacral Traction:

  1. Constant or vibrational pressure over the sacrum (tailbone) in an arching (C) motion
  2. Can be performed with the mom on her side, on all fours supported by pillows, or standing leaning on a counter or against a wall
  3. Good for pain in front or in thigh, or pressure in front of the abdomen

2.  Thigh Stroking:

  1. Stroking the thigh from the top down the leg to the ankles
  2. Do one leg at a time
  3. Cup each leg with both hands and use a firm pressure as you work your way down the legs
  4. Mother should have low back in flexion, either standing leaning on a counter or against a wall, or on all fours supported with pillows

3.  Piriformis Trigger Points:

  1. Found on both sides, in the middle of the gluts (bottom)
  2. Constant pressure, to her tolerance
  3. Good for band of pain across low back or gluts, or sciatic pain

4.  Ischial Tuberosity Pressure Points:

  1. The Ischial Tuberosity is the bone you sit on
  2. Constant pressure to her tolerance
  3. Must have low back in flexion, on all fours supported with pillows, or on side with pillow between knees

5.  Paraspinal circular massage:

  1. Use thumbs in a circular massage running up along side of the spine
  2. Rotate thumbs in opposite directions
  3. Use oil or lotion warmed in hands
  4. Start at upper back and work your way down to the sacrum (tailbone)

6.  Suboccipital Trigger Points:

  1. At base of the skull, either use constant pressure or circular massage to her comfort
  2. This helps enhance the function of the pituitary gland, which releases hormones necessary in labor and delivery

The best rule is to listen to Mom!  She’ll tell you what she likes!!!