The chiropractors at Dolan Family Chiropractic in Aurora, IL successfully treat patients suffering from degenerative arthritis everyday.  Although chiropractic care cannot reverse arthritic changes, it can improve range of motion, reduce fixation, and reduce pain levels through a proven combination of gentle chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, stretching, muscle therapy, and home exercises.  The signs of degenerative arthritis can be subtle or debilitationg depending on the severity.  Slowly developing joint pain that is often described as dull and achey and is accompanied by stiffness is very common.  Waking up with joint stiffness and pain that is relieved by rest is another sign to look for.  A generalized loss of joint range of motion is common and joint disfigurement can be visibly seen in advanced stages.  Degenerative arthritis can attack any joint in the body but most commonly affects knees, hips, the low back, neck, and fingers.  X-rays can properly diagnose arthritis accurately along with a proper medical evaluation.  Chiropractic treatment is a proven, effective form of treatment for arthritis.  If you are suffering from arthritis and would like to talk to one of the doctors to see if chiropractic can help you then call the office at 630-236-3090 or visit our website at  Stop living in pain and see how chiropractic can help you.